How The Kingdom of God Functions on earth

Until we understand how the Kingdom of God functions we will be walking blindly and thus be like the blind leading the blind.

The Kingdom of God functions on earth through decentralized governmental power. Revelation 11:15 declares that the kingdoms or governmental authorities that God set up to operate on the earth ‘have become’ His. Isaiah 9:6 prophecied that Messiah will have the authority over these kingdoms, for he shall be named, to be named means you have authority over that which is named. He shall be called Wonderful Counselor thereby Lord speaking of  His his authority over Church or Spiritual Government, Mighty God speaking of nations, thus His authority over Civil Government, and Everlasting Father which speaks to His authority over Family Government. These are the governmental authorities that Adam had dominion over until he gave them over to Satan Luke 4:6 until Christ Jesus through His obedience in all things to His Father which resulted in His death as The Lamb of God resulting in the redemption of all things He as the Word of God spoke into being, for all things were created by and for Him. Within each governmental system there are spheres of influence you can see how we connect spheres and governmental authorites by clicking on the menu tabs above.

I know your question is, but if that is true then why all the wickedness around us? The answer to that question is that the enemy has over time done a great job of dividing us and keeping us divided thereby making us powerless to stand against his wiles. Think of Pentecost within the context of the story of Babel. Paul tells us that where once death reigned by sin we are now to REIGN Through Christ Jesus in this LIFE.

The purpose of this ministry is to “re-establish the centality of the Kingdom of God in all spheres of life”

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