Kingdom Living Journal is our blog and teaching site. We chose the term Kingdom Living rather than Kingdom Life because Living actually speaks of acting out what life is about, after all we can have a philosophy of what life is but actually living it out reveals whether you believe it or not

Kingdom Living is the name we have given to the upcoming launch of a spiritual home for those who believe that Living out the Kingdom has to be the very center of all we do and believe and that we are to disciple by living out Kingdom in every sphere of life we have been called to be in, not just going to a meeting once or twice a week. After all we understanding that ‘church is not a building or a meeting’ but is who we are. That is why we will be calling the place where we will meet, The Embassy, knowing that the embassy is a place of protection, provision, encouragement and teaching for the citizens of the Kingdom.

Kingdom Living (KLi) School of the Kingdom (SOTK), Kingdom Living Media (KLM) all have their origination in the ministry of our founder John D. McDonald and his ministry called Kingdom Apostolic Network (KAN). KAN ministers to the broader Body of Christ, while KLi has been built on what we speak of as a specific spiritual DNA.

So please connect with us as we work for one purpose and one purpose alone which is our mission statement; Working for the Re-establishing the Centrality of the Kingdom of God so that we will see transformation of our homes, cities, states and nations, as little by little His Kingdom Reign expands throughout the whole earth.

 So become a Kingdom champion and have fun as we grow into all we were created to be.

JD for KLJ