The third governmental structure God established on earth was Civil Government. God this was instituted out of the family as one family grew and moved establishing territory of its own that then became nations, as God revealed through Noah to and further the error of Nimrod and Babel to establish a one nation central government contrary to God’s command to mankind disperse though out the earth as a multitude of nations who would all operate under God’s Kingdom Government.

Today we have as people actually reinforced the error of Nimrod in giving more power to centralize civil government, thereby making it a god of in our own image and of our own making, contrary to the Word of God. In doing so it has destroyed Family Government, and Spiritual Government either by limiting their respective authorities and usurping them by making their own laws contrary to the Word. For God has given no man or government to make its own laws for in doing so it creates tyranny by acting as a god itself.

The Civil Government is not over or under Family Government or Spiritual Government but is equal in authority but with limited authority as God’s word tells us.

The God given role of Civil Government is solely to wield the sword this is in two areas only, to protect its citizens within its civil responsibility, whether county, state, or national against evil doers meaning law breakers of God’s law through righteous Justice to the evil doers and Mercy to the victims of the perpetrator, and to defend the nation against invaders and tyrants.

This places the support of the judiciary and national defense in their sphere of authority, but does not mean a nation has a right to invade another nation.

God sees no government structure over a nation, except Himself. Therefore there is no biblical basis for a United Nations its only existence to for the means of making itself god over all the earth.  

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The picture above and on the home page is used to simply illustrate Civil Government is does not endorse the views and actions of the imaged Presidents.