My Kingdom Journey

by John D. McDonald

The primary and ultimate purpose of this site is to bring understanding of The Kingdom of God and how, in  this authors view, the Kingdom of God functions as Original Intent and the finished work of Our Sovereign Lord and King Jesus Christ created it to function.

The Kingdom has become my life message since the encounter with the Lord back in 1984 in my then hometown of Geelong, Victoria Australia. Let me give a little of my history, I was born again or as it should properly be interpreted from above when I was 9 years of age while I was in a boys home. My mother who was a single due to the family break-up when I was 5, my older brother, a victim of Spinal Meningitis at 6 months of age, was 7 and my baby brother was only about 18 months still in mother arms were taken from her and put into homes by my dad, causing her to have a breakdown.  However just before my 12th birthday, mum was able to get a house and brought the three of us home. She had been going to a Pentecostal church at the time, and in the month of my 12th I was baptized in water, and also received the baptism of Holy Spirit that Jesus spoke off. Now I knew when I was nine that I would become a minister. And so at 12 when we were home I loved to do bible studies that were offered by the Back to the Bible broadcasts. From that time I have been a student of the Bible. Now I am not saying that to brag but simply to express that God gave me the love for the study of His Word. Actually he gave me the heart of  theologian, because even at that young age I would ask questions which on an occasion or two times got me into trouble as they thought I was questioning them.

Now back to 1984 I was invited to go to a conference of another denomination that was in my hometown. I went to the evening service and the guest speaker from New Zealand during his ministry made a simple comment. And the word that comment was about was a word I had read hundreds of times and heard used in messages hundreds of times, but this time that word which was KINGDOM got my attention. It was like the Lord hit my over the head with a piece of 4″x2″ timber, made of feathers of course. I knew that moment that I needed to study that word and all it entails, it was to become my life message and has, yet I am still a student and always will be. So that night I began studying the Kingdom of God, and as I have learned to study through the lens of the Kingdom, concepts and understanding changes. It was early in my arrival into the US that I heard a statement by Dr. Wayne Dyer as I was channel surfing, who was doing a fundraiser for one of the PBS. I heard him say; “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”, this resonated with me because that is what I was finding as I had over the years look through things with the lens of the Kingdom.

So as this site is launched my purpose is to 1st write teaching posts to bring Kingdom understanding as I have found that will encourage you the reader to build your understanding of and walk in the Kingdom. 2nd while I write from my understanding, I am not doing so to the mentality of “if you don’t believe this you are a ‘heretic’ as is often done”. In fact I live with these following thoughts in mind.

1). James said “do not seek to be teachers, for we become more accountable” James 3:1

2). It has taken my nearly 60 years of study of the word for the Lord to bring me to the place I am now, so I must show grace to all who are on their Kingdom journey.

3). I hate to be wrong, However I love to be shown where I am wrong.

Finally I will be adding other writers to the site which brings real understanding and clarity to the subjects we are covering.

My prayer is that you too will begin the journey of discovering The Kingdom, or if your journey has already begum, that this site will be a resource to build a greater understanding. I know that you will find as I have that rediscovering the Kingdom will spoil you forever. So that together we will be servants of the King to expand His Kinngdom.

We look forward to your comments, however we will not deal with comments that seek to destroy, or attack our only purpose which is as our mission statement declares; “The Re-establishing The Centrality of the Kingdom of God and the Lordship of Christ Jesus in every sphere of life” so that His Kingdom will truly expand as the waters cover the sea.

John D. McDonald

(c) December 3 2016.