The second governmental structure God established on earth was Spiritual Government. God revealed this when Adam’s children brought offerings to God through their priest or family head. Another example is when Jesus said “upon this rock I will build my ekklesia, which we call have wrongly been taught is church, but should be better understood as Spiritual Government. The term ekklesia, means “called out…to rule”. It is similar to the term used in the Old Testament called the Congregation of the Lord.

While being called out to rule does not mean it makes its own rules but like Family Government declares and lives out the Laws of the only true law-giver. It simply declares by living and teaching God’s laws. It is not under the family, nor is it above the family, but equal in authority but walking alongside the family and civil governments. It has no authority to wield the sword against evil doers, nor does it have the authority to water down God’s law word to suit cultural or social mandates.

Its areas of responsibility are declaring and teaching God’s law, it inspires and encourages the development of the spheres of the Arts and Communication bringing correction where needed, so that they in turn bring glory to God and expand the Kingdom of God. The area of Foreign Affairs properly belongs to the church so as to disciple the nations as Christ commanded. Because the Nations are His by inheritance and as each nation is discipled they are taught to establish true Kingdom Government.  © 2010